Liste des produits de la marque Beija Flor

Beija Flor crée depuis 2007 des tapis et revêtement en vynil, inspirés de matières tels que les carreaux ciment.

Beija Flor was established in 2007 by designer Maya Kounievsky and has since thrived into a lifestyle brand. The company’s studio, headquarters, and showroom are all located in northern Israel, in an eco-village overlooks the sea of Galilee. Beija Flor is an intimate company that is fueled by a true passion for creative expression and ongoing learning process that are not bound to a time or place. Nature has influenced us to explore and interpret geometrical shapes in a way that celebrates the ancient relationship between men and his surroundings. And so our creations are a fusion of timeless aesthetics inspired by cultures around the world with practicality of modern day lifestyle.

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