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Production italienne et familiale de mobilier en aluminium laqué. Le design est réalisé par Luciano Bertoncini.

Carraro has been manufacturing high level metalworks for over fifty years. From laser cutting to final finishing, Carraro Tech considers every step of industrial carpentry as an opportunity to study and research, a challenge to overcome with expertise and brilliance. Today Carraro Tech represents a fundamental resource for the important names that have approached them. Maturity and experience have led Gianni, Dario, Domenico and Adriano to assume responsability of offering their own product line. Thanks to the vision and design of a great expert, Luciano Bertoncini, gave origin to iCarraro Italian makers concept.

The partnership with Studio Luciano Bertoncini has gradually become a noticeable brand, formed with an essential style product line, in which design and technology find their natural fusion.

The continuous desire to advance and put to the test have led to new and important collaborations. This is how the projects designed by the historical Studio Pamio & Partners, the experience of the designer Alessandro Elli and new visions of two young designers, Andrea Brugnera and Giovanni Barbato.

Different materials, put combined with elegance and modernity, shaped a perfect product line to furnish with style all the “rooms of the world”.

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Table de nuit Plane iCarraro

Table de nuit Plane iCarraro

Prix 362,50 €

Table de nuit en aluminium thermolaqué, fabriqué en Italie par iCarraro.

Lit Plane iCarraro

Lit Plane iCarraro

Prix 583,33 €

Cadre de lit en aluminium thermolaqué, fabriqué en Italie par iCarraro.